Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

So, it's 4.30 am and I'm wide awake, lying in bed with a cuppa, reading my new Cathy Zielske book. Of course, I should far away in the land of nod, but not a chance! I have all sorts of things flying around in my head, from random songs (why does that happen?) to layouts to card designs for next week's dare... I just love Cathy Z's stuff; man, that woman is talented, but so blimmin' neat. I've give anything to be even a teeny smidge as talented as her, or Elsie, or any of the other scrapbooking godesses out there.

My trouble at the moment is that I don't have what I want, and that's a defining style. I'm still pretty new to scrapping, but even in my cardmaking I flit from style to style, using various techniques. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this, but I would love to have a style that, when someone saw it, they'd say, "Oh, that's a Kel layout". Of course, if you already do this, please let me know and maybe I'll stop stressing!

I suppose I just love buying new bits and bobs, trying out new techniques and generally having fun and not taking my art too seriously. And I guess that's the way it should be.

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Ever Changing Moods

Woo hooo! Week 2 of Daring Cardmakers !! Told you it was a doozy! Jane likes to keep us on our toes... Have you had a go yet? Go on, I DARE you!

Right, for those who may be interested, here are the details on my efforts:

This one is nice and simple - papers are from the DCWV Christmas Stack, beer glass is a Quickutz die cut. Title is cut with the ever-trusty Craft Robo, bottle tops supplied by my wonderful hubby, who thought Christmas had come early when I forced him to go buy beer and drink it quickly... Edges well and truly inked with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut.

The second one was more laborious and I still don't know if I like it, but there you go. Papers are random odds and ends from my scraps folder, sunshine is a cupcake case coloured yellow with chalks. A magazine freebie flower circle doo-dah was place on yellow card, then a few seed beads put in the centre and covered with a good dollop (love that word!) of Anita's 3D Gloss.

So, after a fairly productive crafting week (I have a LO to show off another day), I have ended the week on a low :-(

Had a good day yesterday - had a mock interview with an ex nursery manager to see if I might pass the Ofsted interview and she said I would pass with flying colours! Yay me!! Today was pants as one of our staff is blatantly taking the piss and my boss is ready to walk, which will gut me, as she is fantastic and I'm not sure how I would feel working there knowing the owners had let that happen....

Ho hum. At least it's Friday! Three whole days off and lots of crafting to do.....

Monday, October 23, 2006

So Far So Good

Wow! I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the reaction we've received for the Dares. I mean, I know how much hard work has been put in and I knew it was a fantastic idea when I was asked to be on the design team, but blimey! We've had loads of mentions and people taking part already. Thank you all for joining in, boosting our confidence and helping to confirm that some things are worth fighting for. Please please please stick around - the dares will just get better and better. This Friday's is a doozy - trust me!

So, nothing else to report really. Work is just work at the moment. Buns are bootiful as ever and we've gained another hamster while my bro and his family are on their holibobs.

Tell you what, have a bun-inspired layout to brighten the post! *ETA* Stripey paper is HOTP Sara Papers and the orange is from a Costco bumper pack.. Now stop asking!! ;-)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Point of No Return

Yay!!! Yesterday finally saw the launch of Daring Cardmakers - a new kind of challenge blog that some blog-land friends and I have been working on (you have no idea of the trouble we've had to get this off the ground!) What excited me about this was that pretty much all of the other dare-type blogs that are around are mainly for scrapbooking, whereas ours focuses on making cards to a certain theme or idea, which should hopefully include a huge chunk of fabulously talented crafters into the dare blog world.

The first dare was to make a card around the theme of 'friendship' - something that has been an issue to many of us in the last couple of weeks, in one way or another.

My card was inspired by a Lulu Guiness handbag I spotted in a magazine that used the phrases 'love', 'trust' and 'friendship', which I thought very apt. Papers are from Provocraft - Rob & Bob Studio Scribble Floral, the flowers are from my trusty X-Cut punch and the diamantes are attached using a Kandi Kane. I've inked edges with black Stazon (if it's not moving, ink it!!) and the phrases were done with a Dymo Jr.

There are some fabulous designers on the team and we'd love it if everyone had a go whenever possible and we hope to encourage some spontaneity back into card making and show it can be as cool and exciting as scrapbooking!

See you there - if you DARE!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Got You By The Balls

Sorry for the bluntness of the title, but that's basically how I'm feeling at the moment. Yes, it's another installment in Kel's Job Saga....

So, you know how I was dithering about applying for a new job nearer to home? Well, I kind of decided not to just yet, as I think it will be better to stay where I am for the time being, what with trying for a bubba. Imagine getting a new job and then having to tell them I was pregnant soon after... Hmm, maybe not. Anyhoo, we had a staff meeting tonight as there was a big announcement to be made. Our proprietors are in the process of acquiring the lease on a new site, literally round the corner from the current nursery and will be expanding from January. They have asked me if I'm interested in applying to be deputy. However, this would actually be acting manager for six months or so while my boss is on maternity leave.

If you remember (or look back in the archives!) I had this dilemma a few months ago - and the proprietor hasn't forgotten. I did tell her that the main reasons for not going for it then were the travelling distance and lack of knowledge, but now I feel ready after a few months in my current role and distance isn't an issue as it's actually a few hundred metres closer!

So now I have to do loooooots of reading up and generally get myself to a stage whereby I can convince an Ofsted bod that I am a 'fit person' to be in charge of a nursery within a couple of weeks. Eeeeeek!! If I can't convince my boss, then they won't really consider me for the position.

I am really excited by this opportunity. Hopefully it's just what I need to feel happy at work again, although I am well aware that it will be hard work and pretty stressful at times. I almost started giggling to myself, thinking, "so this isn't the best time to tell you I'm thinking of leaving?..." Any pearls of wisdom will be gratefully received....

Blimey, if you're still reading this, you've done very well!! Here's a new layout I did last week to brighten a very dull post...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Alive and Kicking

Well, it's been a funny old week. Something that has been a huge part of my life for the last 3 years has come to an end in a rather unpleasant manner and I've found out things about people that have surprised and saddened me. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth, but it's slowly being sweetened by the taste of true friendship. I think it will take me some time to come to terms with what's happened recently, but I'm sure I will eventually. My comfort blanket has been taken away and I feel as though I'm standing here somewhat naked and cold, but perhaps it's time to stand on my own two feet. I feel new and exciting things starting to happen and this can only be a good thing. I'm really sorry that all this sounds rather cryptic for those of you not 'in the know', but I really don't want to elaborate as I believe that it's better that you don't know as it may spoil your own fun.

I've had a fantastic weekend in Paignton, Devon, blowing out the cobwebs with a walk along the sea front. It was just what I needed after this week. I love, love, love the sea - I actually cry when I see it for the first time in a while and I could sit and watch it all day. I feel so much more refreshed and ready to go again. I also had a great night out last night, playing pool with D and friends in a bar on the harbour and drinking plenty vino pinko, getting rather tiddly - something I haven't done in absolutely ages. D took much delight in telling everyone today how I got drunk - that's how rarely it happens. Funnily enough, my pool-playing improved with the increased alcohol consumption...

So, dearest readers, I'm back and I'm raring to go. Thank you for your supportive comments and messages and for sticking with me through all the whingeing and moaning, the tantrums and tears. Hopefully, I and a few friends will have something exciting to share with you very soon...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Something to Believe In

Wish I did have. Don't know whether I'd rather be at work or at home at the moment. Both seem to be as horrible as each other and I can't seem to get out from under the black cloud. Don't worry, nothing wrong at home per se, but I've had some upsetting news and a really bad 24 hours and feel very disappointed and well, almost bereft.

Can't talk really.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Gah! Work. Crap. Eurgh! Need to find a new job closer to home... Ooh, what's this in the local paper? An ad for a job not dissimilar to the one I do now - only about 13 miles nearer to home.... Hmmmm.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch*

Well, maybe it was dinner, but close enough. I love this photo of A and me. It was taken by her sister one evening in August last year, when we were on a recce for a hen night venue.

(You'll have to excuse the flash - there was no natural light. Damn these darker days!)

I love the fact that I actually look okay, even though a couple of days before I'd had a St Tropez tan trial (I never had the second one before my wedding!) and that evening I'd had my hair cut and my lovely hairdresser had once again gone a bit scissor-happy and I'd been in tears just before I went out. I finally got round to scrapping it for the weekly team challenge on UKS , hence the colours. I wouldn't normally use orange, but I needed to for the challenge and thought that this photo would be good as the paper compliments my oompa-loompa skin tone.... Still not sure if I'm any good at this scrapbooking malarkey, but I guess I'll persevere.

Here's a little tag challenge I've spotted and not done yet...

1: Do you have any middle names? Yes - Ann, funnily enough.

2: Whats under your bed right now? I dread to think. In the drawers there's all sorts of crap, but actually under the bed, probably just fluff.

3: Last time you laughed so much you cried? I think it might have been on Friday, laughing at D who can't say 'chassis' and 'ignorant', my SIL who can't say 'wage slip' and my brother who can't say 'status'. What is it with these people?!!

4: What age were you when you first drank alcohol? Probably quite young - we were allowed a tiny glass with our Sunday lunch. I was 14 when I started going out drinking.

5: Whats your porn star name? (first pets name and mothers maiden name) Inky P (edited - thanks Rhi - never thought of the security issue!).

6: Whats your desk top photo on your pc? The sunset picture I took on the cruise.

7: What did you have for breakfast? Toast and marmite... LOVE IT!!!

8: Music or TV? Music. But I do like a bit of TV.

9: Worst out fit you have ever worn? Ooh, found a lovely photo yesterday of me on holiday when I was 12, wearing a green, reversible Betty Boop jumper, tucked into high-waisted jeans with nice white canvas pumps and socks, my big frizzy perm tied back on one side and my Deirdre Barlow glasses...

10: Where do you feel most at peace? By the sea.

Okay, I'm gonna tag: Carol Tracie Rhi

* Yes, it's an 80s song title - by Weird Al Yankovic ;-)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Father Figure

It's my lovely daddy's birthday tomorrow and do you know what I've bought him? Socks. Bloody socks. Socks is a Christmas present for someone like your grandad, not a birthday prezzie for one of the most important and wonderful men in your life. The trouble is that my Dad has worked hard all his life and is in the position to buy himself all manner of gadgets and gizmos (and he does!). He has all sorts of male grooming products and nice smellies courtesy of my Mom and her good friend QVC, and there really isn't a lot I can get him that he would want but doesn't already have. So, socks it is. I am already trying hard to top socks for his Christmas present.

This piccie is me and my Dad circa 1986 ish (OMG, 20 years ago!!). Notice how pixie boots were in fashion then...

In other news... There isn't any. Sorry, but my life is one big, boring bleurgh! At the moment. It's a bit work, eat, PC, sleep... I think I am actually addicted to the PC and I'm a bit worried. I find myself driving home from work and getting quite excited to be nearly home and on the computer. Poor D must be feeling very neglected (in fact, I know he is - it's a bone of contention in our house lately - oops!), but he's on nights tonight so I can surf away to my heart's content.

Ooh, just thought of some news... I have a secret that I can't tell you. Neither can Lythan. You'll just have to wait...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Money For Nothing

£1!!! One whole, shiny gold pound coin! Who knew that that's the amount the tooth fairy gives nowadays? When did that happen? J lost (another) tooth yesterday, but as he was here for the weekend, lucky old me got to play tooth fairy when I got home at 1.30 this morning... A pound! I used to get 20p, or 50p for a back tooth, but I guess that was about 20 years ago. That's inflation for you...

So now J has his two front teeth, but a gap either side! I need a photo next weekend so I can scrap it....

Oh yeah, did my second ever layout today (using the Robo!) - not totally happy with it, but it's for the Dare as the 'theme' appealed to me...