Saturday, February 24, 2007

Relight My Fire

Wowee it's been a while, eh? I've not felt like being around the pc much lately and haven't really felt like scrapping or making cards either, hence the reason there's been no blogging and I've missed a couple of Dares (sorry girls!). Still, I thought it was time I got back on the old horse and started riding again, so here I am...

First things first, I did manage a card for this week's Dare. Kathy dared us to use 20 of something on a card. Being an utter wimp, there was no way I was going to use 20 blooms or suchlike. Instead, I made a relatively simple, yet very effective card using 20 thin strips of coloured card. I cut them different lengths and stuck them down on a piece of scrap card so if I made a mistake I wasn't mucking up the whole card. I then added a thicker strip of card at the end. The letters for the name are stickers from the Lisa Bearnson kit, stuck on black circles of card. The '13' is die cut using sizzlits 'Nouveau' set. Apparently, this was Matthew's favourite card as it was 'made with love'. Aaah, bless 'im.

So. Other stuff. I passed my Ofsted suitable person's interview and the new nursery is all set to open on Monday, unless something's gone drastically wrong between Friday night and now... It looks fantastic and I'm so proud of it. All the staff have been over to have a look and they all want to transfer to the new one now! Not a lot else to tell you at the moment.

Today I went up to Lach Dennis in Cheshire to Kirsty's Photography and Scrap day. It was great! I learnt loads, some of which I actually hope to remember and use sometime!

We learnt how to do things like this, where you can get a nice, sharp focus on an object but the background is blurry. We learnt how to take pictures of Natalie O'Shea walking past some 'interesting' curtains so that she was blurry but they were not and vice versa. I'm thinking much practice is needed at this, as most of the time she had walked right past and all I got in the frame were the curtains...

We did two amazing classes in the afternoon - a lovely technique one from Kirsty and one by Debs, which was fabulous and the result of which can be seen below. Kirsty's technique involved using Glossy Accents or similar on acetate to draw patterns, but I haven't finished the LO yet, so I can't show you. I lay in bed thinking of other variations, so that definitely inspired me. Debs' class was one of the best I've done - she really is talented.
Using a fabby canvas and easel from (I believe) Poundland and a generously supplied freebie photo taken by Ms Wiseman herself, as well as the lush Blush papers from Basic Grey, we created the gorgeousness that you see here. The overlay is acetate, stamped around the edges with Rhonna Farrer swirls, generously lent to me by lovely Laura (thanks chick!). It's so effective, and yet really easy to do, even though it involved acrylic paint and *gasps* scrunching the paper!! I (genuinely) took a few deep breaths before I could will myself to do it - it's so far out of my comfort zone it's not even funny. I can see me making these left right and centre for gifts (but without my ugly mug on!) Now I know I have to get me some Rhonna Farrer stamps...

A good time was had by all and I'm glad I went - I was so nervous about not knowing anyone, but all the girls were lovely, as were Kirsty's hubby Mark who worked hard to keep us fed and watered, and daughter Ellie (even if she didn't pick my ticket for the raffle!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Love Can Build A Bridge

I finally decided to post my Dare card for this week's fab joint challenge with the Speshal girls. My card didn't have a photo, but I scrapped it as I would a teeny page, so I guess is counts, doesn't it?

I used red cardstock for the base and inked the edges, then cut the word 'valentine' in Cafe Rojo font on the craft robo, as well as some red hearts. I used the negative of the word placed on the red background and stuck 3 hearts (with faux stitching) on foam pads on another piece of black card below the word. Before sticking these down, I made small holes and tied the two pieces together with some narrow black and white gingham ribbon. I then cut a piece of lined notepaper and wrote the words, then scrunched it up, smoothed it back out and lightly inked over it with black ink. Added a big black bloom with another heart and some more ribbon and there you have it!

Been feeling very loved up this week, so did a digi layout using the gorgeous freebie kit that Kirsty created and very kindly shared, plus a couple of other bits including a freebie arrow from Katie.

I'm getting a bit bored of using that photo of D and me on our wedding day, but it's the only decent one we have as we still haven't had the professional album done yet! The other photo is my Mom and Dad. I wanted to convey that I hope D and I have a marriage as good (or at least it seems good - unless they're really good at hiding stuff!) and long-lasting as theirs.

I've had a bit on an aversion to the pc lately, which really isn't like me, but I think normal service is resuming. Not sure if I'll get this Friday's Dare done in time, but we'll see.

Monday, February 05, 2007

So Much To Say

... but so much I can't!! I've been a bit AWOL lately, so huge apologies to my fellow DCM team mates and to anyone who bothers to check in here regularly! I've got quite a lot on at the moment, most of which I can't really talk about yet, but I will spill soon, I promise!

I did do a card for this week's Dare, but wasn't totally happy with it, so I haven't posted it. The girls came up with some fantastic ideas for this week's very 'speshal' collaboration with the 'Everyone Is Special' team, so please do go have a look at the blog and join in. I will if I get time!

Hopefully, normal service will resume soon, although it's my birthday next Monday, so I can't guarantee it. With any luck I'll have some gorgeous photos of Scotland to post, taken on my birthday trip with my new camera, which has finally arrived this morning - yay!!