Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

A sent me this beautiful picture of Baby Z at home on her playmat, so I couldn't resist scrapping it for her. Obviously, she has a real face and not a blurry circle! I used the Compassion kit from Shabby Princess - it's so versatile, but I wanted this LO to be really simple. A sent me an email detailing the whole of Baby Z's little life so far and boy, what a story! I was in floods reading it. I really can't wait to get a free weekend to go see them, but may not be till March now.

Went to see another friend P last week. She too is having problems conceiving. It's just so strange that I have at least 5 friends trying for a family and having various problems of one type or another. Perhaps it's an age thing? I dunno... P has a lovely rabbit called Mopsey, who just lollops about her apartment. She's a lone bun, so quite affectionate with hoomans. Except me. Last time I went, Mops decided she'd quite like a little nibble on my leg and finger. P was mortified - she never bites! This week, Mops was back to her cuddly bunny self. For a while. Lulled me into a false sense of security. Bit of a nibble on my jacket - ok, that's quite a normal bunny thing to do to strangers. Suddenly, there's a couple of pounds of fur flying across my face and latching on to my inner arm!! No blood was drawn, but I've had a helluva bruise all week! Mopsey was banished to the kitchen in disgrace... We can only assume her change in character is down to the scent of my two on me. Weird!

Here's a couple more digis I've done using the lush and, amazingly, free kit from Katie and Kirsty.

This one used this week's Pencil Lines sketch.

The one on the right was an attempt at a technique whereby you blur part of the photo to provide a panel for your journalling. Journalling isn't something I do a lot of on my LOs, but I love this one and think it fits really well.

Really need to take some new photos - all my LOs feature either me or D!


Kathy said...

Love the baby LO - I think you've got it absolutely right with the colours and the simplicity - nothing detracts from that photo and the B&W looks perfect.

Loving your digi LOs but I don't think I could ever be persuaded to give up my real stuff!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Kel I love your digi work, you are so talented at this.. You can tell your feeling for baby Z are tender and caring, by this beautiful LO you've made, it's so lovely.. I do hope she improves..
I had no idea that bunnies were aggressive.. I laughed reading this, you really have a gift of story telling...

Rhi said...

These are gorgeous Kel, I love the lo of baby Z, I bet her Mum and Dad do too :)

Rhi x

sharon said...

I really love your digital layouts, very inspiring! I think we've chatted before, a long time ago on a forum, Sharon x

Lythan said...

Your digi layouts are brill. Love the baby and the 'bum' one with the blurry bit of photo. Molto clever.

Frog said...

Very nice Kel my favourite colours.

Andrea xx