Saturday, January 20, 2007

End Of A Century

100 posts!! Not bad for a not-so-regular blogger I guess. I am trying to blog more regularly, but sometimes I just don't have anything interesting to say. Perhaps I should just find a joke or inspiring quote for those days. Trouble is, I then have to find a relevant 90s song title to go with the post and it takes about an hour just to come up with a teeny post then! I'm not sure I like the 90s titles - I mean, the 90s was my era musically, but when you look at a list of titles from the decade, they're all a bit, well, weird! Anyway, I'm rambling...

It was Dare day yesterday. Fabulous Rhi dared us to make a card using an aperture. I had all these grand plans about using my Robo to do something fancy, but, in the end, I didn't have a lot of time and went for one of the most boring ideas ever! However, I think it actually looks quite simple and elegant, so I guess it's not too bad. Some of the other girls on the design team have used their Robos to come up with some beautiful cards, so I couldn't hope to compete really. Do go and check out all the cards on the blog and have a go!

So, for my nice and simple baby card, I used a tall card blank and my square punch to make the aperture. I would have liked it a little lower, but that's punches for you! I cut a square of 'baby' paper (from a Costco pack) and stuck that inside behind the aperture. I then drew stitches around this and around the aperture with a black journaling pen. I cut a Quickutz babygro from blue Bazzill and inked the edges to make it stand out, adding a contrasting pocket in white. Mounted this on 3d foam and stuck it slightly overlapping the aperture at one of those 'jaunty' angles! I then cut a strip of scrap Bazzil, rounded the end and stuck it near the bottom of the card, folding the edge over to the inside. I used Doodlebug 'All Mixed Up' rub-ons to add the baby's name.. and there you have it!


Rhi said...

I love your card Kel, really stylish and elegant, and such a cute baby card.

Boring smoring, wash your mouth out missis *wink*

Rhi x

Kathy said...

ahhhhhhh I was going to ask about how you did the name, and now I know! Kel, you always undersell yourself, this card is beautiful, it's stylish and neat and elegant and looks absolutely perfect because your attention to detail makes sure it stands out from the crowd.

How many times do we have to tell you?

Susan said...

What a cute card! I like the window being higher up and was about to try that myself. I know what you mean about having ideas in your head and then not being able to reproduce them exactly, but no one else every knows they are not what we intended! And people even LIKE the actual cards!!