Thursday, January 04, 2007


I never got round to blogging it, but remember my closest friend A who was pregnant? Well, she gave birth early, on 12th December! Got a bit of a shock when I saw the text message her hubby had sent. Baby Z does have Down's Syndrome, but was born a really healthy weight and was out of special care after about a day, just needing some oxygen to help her. I still don't really know the full story of what happened, as A is still in hospital and has no access to email, only texts. She's managed to work out the new phone she had for crimble and sent me couple of pics of Z - she's booootiful!

Anyhoo, I've just had a text to let me know that Z had her full heart repair op today as she was starting to struggle a bit and she's now 'critical but stable' in intensive care. Wow. I have absolutely no idea what they're going through and I hope I never have to know myself. I've never even met Z and I love her so much, so goodness only knows how A and J feel. They wanted this baby soooo much and are so totally in love with her. She has to come through this. She just has to.


Net said...

Hope little Z is doing well Kel - must be real hard for her parents.

Net -x-

Tracey said...

Big kisses to the new babe - still a little angel for her parents, I'm sure.


Sue said...

awhhh routing for her here


Lythan said...

sending prayers for baby Z and her parents. it's a tough time for them. ONe day it might be worth showing them some photos of this little guy
He just has the best smile ever and to me says that though Down's syndrome is not what you would want for a child- they can still live a very full and fun filled life.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Kel, {{Prayers & Hugs}} for this little cherub... what a difficult time for the mummy & daddy... and you to watch helpless. Let's hope the Bubby copes alright with this surgery and any future probs.. God bless

BondGirl said...

sending love to you, as well as baby z and her parents. She must be very very special and I hope she continues to do well. You know where I am if you need a friend

Rachel said...

Hiya hun

just catching up with everyones blogs

Hoping and praying for baby Z and her parents too xxx

Happy New Year to you and your lovely hubby and not forgetting the bunnies

speak soon

love Rach xxxxx

Kathy said...

Big cyber hugs to you and that little family Kel, really hope she pulls through, it's amazing what they can do these days but mighty scary to think of such a teeny mite having to go through any sort of op.

Thinking of you all

Tracey said...

Just caught up with this post. Hoping baby Z is doing well now. What a terrible time her parents must be going through. Sending you and them cyber (((hugs)))