Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day

A predictable title for a predictable post, but hey, it's still 80s so it counts! Actually, perhaps I should start on the 90s now....

I have mixed feelings about New Year's Day. There's always such a sense of hope and expectation, yet it's just another day. I don't make resolutions any more, as I was tired of feeling the disappointment when I inevitably let myself down just a few hours/days/weeks in. I do, however, think of a few things I'd like to achieve before the end of the year, but don't set myself huge goals or targets and restrict myself with time limits.

This year, I have one specific thing I'd like to happen, but I'm keeping it secret. Those of you who know me well or have been with me and my blog for a while may be able to guess. I'll let you know if I do it before this time next year. Other than that, I guess I'd like to continue doing well at work and I have the opening of the new nursery to look forward to. I'd like to do lots more scrapping and crafting and I aim to be published somewhere this year! I want to learn better photography and am taking steps already to achieve this. I aim to keep on blogging for as long as people keep reading! I enjoy writing my posts (when I get the time) and find it quite therapeutic, so that can only be a good thing.

I'd like to spend some more quality time with D this year. His shifts and bewildering love of Torquay United FC don't allow us much fun time, but I'll admit I didn't make much effort this year. We used to think nothing of jumping on a train to Devon and wandering around for the day before coming home, but this year I just haven't felt like it. There's always something else I would rather be doing, but when it comes to it I usually end up wasting the day doing not a lot at all. This year I need to unwind a bit, so perhaps I'll say 'yes' when he asks me if I want to come, rather than 'hmmm, not really'. It can be a great excuse to get out and take some more photographs, can't it?

I guess the main thing I'd like for this year is to be happy and healthy - anything else is a bonus. I hope you had a good time last night, whatever you were doing? Here's to 2007!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Well Kel I hope that one specific thing happens for you... I think it's a good idea keeping it a secret.. I'm doing the same. It's good to have goals, but we don't always need the pressure of others expectations..

Paula said...

Happy New Year Kel - hope you get what you want. I think we may have more in common than you think ;-)

Kathy said...

Happy New Year Kel, I hope all your New Year Wishes come true.

2006 was quite a year one way or another, eh? Let's hope that 2007 is full of good things and happy times