Sunday, January 21, 2007

Father Of Mine

I'm having reet good fun at this digi lark. Still haven't tried anything adventurous and there's loads of tutorials I need to look at, but I think I could get addicted to buying kits and elements! The layout on the left is the old 70s pic of my Dad and me and I used the Compassion kit from Shabby Princess. It has some fab bright papers and not one but two alphas, which are both scrummy.

The LO on the right uses a picture I've wanted to scrap for absolutely ages and just never got round to. Whenever we go camping, J barely leaves 30 seconds to let his dinner go down before he's asking to go and play. This photo captures the moment he was told to wait for a few minutes... Check out the mood! I used the Urban Kiwi freebie kit, also from Shabby Princess. The stamped alpha is from Designer Digitals. I like how simple this one looks - I managed to restrain myself on the elements!

It's so much easier digi scrapping as it's really simple to just pick a photo and change it to suit as you go along, rather than hunting one out, or finding one, printing it, then discovering you needed it smaller/larger/black and white. I'm glad I've got an external hard drive to store all my new stash on, as well as the layouts, but now I need lots more photos! We lost loads when our pc crashed a couple of years ago and I'm gutted. I was hoping to be able to start taking some with my new camera, but the online store my Dad ordered it from kindly took his order and payment before telling us it was out of stock, so I'm on the hunt for another good deal now. Grrrr!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Wow Kel, These LO's are amazing!... Hasn't digi stuff come along way.. and you're Brilliant at it.. I think you'll have to give us all lessons.. Love that one of J camping.. you're right the his body lanuage says it all ;o)

Rhi said...

These are fab Kel, do you print them out or just keep them digitally? Gorgeous funky LO's :)
Rhi x

Paula said...

I've done some digi stuff but am not too hot at it. I prefer to cut & stick with glue every where!!!
Love the father LO. They look like real paper don't they!

Saffa said...

OOOh Kel your layouts are truly gorgeous...hmm I may have to do a bit of a scrap lift if thats ok!

I think they are sooo pretty!


Maisymary's Findings said...

love the layouts ! love the polka fotted alphas !

Kathy said...

You're so good at this Kel.

What are you going to do with them? Can you put them on a disc so you can look at them on the TV?

Susan said...

I haven't tried digi scrapping - yet! People like you make me want to - these are just wonderful LOs. You tell the 'story' so well too.