Sunday, May 27, 2007

U Can't Touch This

So this is me last week, at 22 weeks pregnant - eeeek!! Please note, I do not normally wear leggings with vest tops, (in fact, I've only just purchased some leggings to wear under tunic-type tops after much wrestling with my conscience, as I distinctly remember thinking I would never, ever wear leggings again after the 80s...) but I put the top on to show off the bump. I'm rather fond of my new shape, as I look obviously pregnant, rather than just overweight and making people wonder if I might be just because I'm standing all slouchy with my tummy pushed out. One of the only things I've hated so far about this pregnancy lark is the way people just have to touch me. Generally people are pretty good, but there's a lady at work who I have to get on with but don't like all that much and she insists on giving me a good rub/pat when she sees me. What am I - a dog?! "Ooh, look at that lovely bump!" (rub, rub) How would she like it if I grabbed her chest and said "ooh, look at those lovely boobs!" Gah!! And she's passed it on to her daughter, who I also see at work ("Let me have a feel." "NO!!!!! Eff off!!!") The first time her Mom did it I was mortified, as I really wasn't showing and all she was rubbing was flab....
This week I thought I'd have a go at joining in with the Dares again! Now I've just about sorted somewhere to craft I thought I didn't really have an excuse any more and was worried I'd be kicked off the design team for non-participation (not really - the girls are too nice for that - I hope!), so I read Jo's brief and thought, "I can do that!"

This week we have to make a card using office supplies, so I used some coloured paper clips that I've had for ages and never used, plus some lined notepaper and some staples. Paper is from thePaper Loft Flips Flops range and the lettering is Sizzlits Nouveau. It's a bit boring and simple, but I'm easing myself back in gently. Actually, I'm starting to doubt that I'm good enough to be on the design team as there are some fantastic examples of work from both the other girls and those of you who play along. I've only had a couple of months break from cardmaking, but things seem to change so quickly and I feel it's often hard to keep up. However, keep trying I will. It's my Dare this week, so please have a look at the blog on Friday morning and play along with me.


Debbie said...

Kel - you look absolutely radiant :-) I remebe on my frist pregnancy feeling so proud of my bump - it took quite a while for me to show but when the bump eventually appeared I was chuffed to bits.

Love your card - you haven't lost your touch. I haven't made a card in weeks - today has been shopping and sorting out paperwork. I come onto the internet as my escape from mundane things! LOL

Take care - sending (((((hugs)))))


Gillian Hamilton said...

'blooming beautiful'!!!!!
look at you!! ahhhh just lovely!!!
what a wonderful photo Kel xx
oh.. I used to hate that too about people all of a sudden feel they have the right to touch your tummy.. weird heh!
Love your card it's so bright and fun! love those funky letters!
I'm missed seeing your beautiful creations, so lovely to see you creating again :O)

sharon said...

You look fab!

Great card, I love the papers you've used, and it's great to see you back doing the dares again. Sharon x

Dollydimps said...

Kel, you're looking FANTASTIC!!! Be proud of your bump....and don't worry about the leggings-I wore them the 1st time I was pregnant....10 YEARS AGO (that's a bit scary!!!!). I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy now-it's a lovely special time.

The card's pretty funky too!;)

LisaBabe said...

Your bump looks great, Kel (actually I have one just like it, but no baby inside mine - only crisps & sweeties!!!)

Take care of yourself and bambino xoxoxo

maggieb said...

Aw Kel your looking fab i also have a bump like that only mine bigger & no it's not a baby HE HE.Your cards are great to.Take care

Kathy said...

awwww Kel - what a FANTASTIC photo - you look amazing! I'd absolutely hate people to feel they had the right to paw me about like that woman's doing - I'm not surprised you're fed up with her! Have you read "The Yorkshire pudding Club" by Milly Johnson (I think...) - I read it on holiday - you might enjoy it, especially atm

Fab card btw and now you've found a crafting space we'll all be expecting to see LOADS of your fabby work!

Paula said...

I work with Sharon who is pregnant & she said a lot of her friends do that & she hates it. They talk to baby & not her anymore.

Loved this weeks dare, rest up when you get the chance but keep your hand in with the cards whenever possible. It will keep you sane!!!

Rhi said...

Oh Kel you look absolutely wonderful, you're glowing! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous pic, Rhi xx

Keryn Campbell said...

Lovely photo Kel. Watch that woman at work she'll be one of those awful people that thinks it's OK to touch the baby without asking too.

Rachel said...

Kel you look blooming hun, nothing more wonderful then baby bumps. Teehee at the rubbing tummy lark - yeh its annoying isnt it.

Im so green with envy at your recent hol, really could do with some sun right now.

Take care hun xxx