Sunday, May 13, 2007


Oh. My. God. Just how much rain can there be in them there clouds?!! I am totally, utterly and completely sick of it now. The poor buns! They must think I don't love them anymore, sticking them outside in a draughty hutch to have their ears tormented by the sound of rain on the tarps covering the whole shebang! I hate the rain when it's so persistent like this - it makes me feel so miserable. Actually, I'm having one of my 'down' days today, rain or no rain, so it's just making me worse!!

To cheer myself up, I thought I'd revisit digi-scrapping for the first time in aaaages, after finally catching up on Kirtsy's blog and discovering the fabby freebie she created especially for my Hawaii photos - how on earth did you know? ;-) Only kidding... I'm a wee bit out of practice, and I've forgotten how to use all the lovely effects I downloaded a few months ago, not to mention how to do all sorts of things, so I guess I'm learning it all over again. Ho hum...

At least it means I can still be a bit crafty and creative until I get my 'real' stash sorted out again. I do like doing it digi style though, but would love a new pc as mine is so slow it takes all afternoon to do one simple layout!

And how impressed are you at my blogging performance this week?


Jo said...

lol your blogging performance this week has been superb :) - wait til you get that odd nesting instinct thing, it even made me defrost the freezer - you won't have too much time for blogging :)

Your digi lo is fab. I would not have a clue where to start :)

jo xx

Karva said...

FAb LO, I so want to be on that beach...
Oh your scan is fab, so clear.. maybe I'm way behind but do you know if its a boy or girl?