Tuesday, May 08, 2007


... was the day my babies became outdoor buns. Eeek! I so hope I've done the right thing. We've bought them a mahoosive hutch and run combo so they've got lots of space, but what a crap week to move them out! What's with the weather?! I'll post piccies of the palace just as soon as the wind and rain stop. At the moment it's all covered with a delightful combination of shower curtain and tarpaulin and looks like some sort of makeshift refugee camp. I know it's all for a good reason, but I just know I'll be so worried about them for a while. They've spent all day in the run as neither of them could figure out the ramp to get up to the hutch, but I've just been out to check on them and found that Rade has managed it, so there's some hope!

We've had a clean of the kitchen and I swear there was enough bun fluff behind the radiator to make another rabbit - gross! No matter how much you think you've cleaned, that stuff just seems to get everywhere and that's not good when you've got a baby, eh? Now I've moved some of my craft stuff into the kitchen, but even that seems to be taking over now. I just have so much stuff that I know I won't use but don't even know where to begin to sort it out and get rid. Any ideas gratefully received...

This week is all about sorting out the bedrooms and it's like trying to tackle Everest in flip flops. Today I took one look at all the crap and just burst into tears. Where to begin? D keeps telling me not to worry, Rome wasn't built in a day, etc, etc, but heck, you should see it! I should have taken photos actually, in a kind of before and after makeover way.

Sorry, this is a rambly, pictureless post, but I felt like sharing my agony with you. I'll keep you updated on (possible) progress and will post those bun pics just as soon as I can!


Rachel said...

Kel hun dont wear yourself out stressing, it will get sorted eventually - take it easy ok xxx thats an order xxx

Paula said...

How about I come round yours with a trailer and take all your craft stuff off your hands ;-)

Looking forward to the bunny pics

LisaBabe said...

Kel, know how you feel about doing clear outs - I seem to be constantly needing to do a massive clear out (sort of like painting the Forth Bridge).

Hope the gorgeous buns are enjoying their new outside home and that you and bump are doing well.