Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday I'm In Love

The scan was fine! Everything appeared to be ok with baby, although how they can tell, I do not know. It all just looked like random blobs to me and was so much less clear than the previous scan. I suppose that's just because baby is so much bigger. Here come the piccies - apologies to those of you who have trouble deciphering scan pics, as these are not labelled this time!

You should be able to make out it's head, with it's likkle nose sticking in the air and it's chest - the dark blob is the heart. Not really sure what the other bits are myself as I was in some discomfort, trying to crane my head around to see the screen while she pressed really hard with the scanny thing.

It's little lips are pursed like it's whistling in this one! The sonographer had us panicked at one point as she could see something strange on there that shouldn't have been, then she realised that it had it's hand somewhere between it's legs and was holding the cord. You know when you just know there's something not right by the look on someone's face? Then she exclaimed "it's a hand!" and starting laughing to herself! " I like this baby" she said. Of course, this meant that there was no chance we could see which flavour it was, which was quite a relief.

So, that's it for scans, as long as there are no problems in future. Next time we see little one it will be on the outside in about 19 weeks or so - eeeeek!! We went to the Baby Show at the NEC today and have ordered the buggy and bought a steriliser, so it's getting more and more real now. Mom and Dad bought baby a Sleep Sheep that plays soothing sounds, etc, which was the first official purchase for little one - aaww!


Lucylou2007 said...

OMG I am soooo in awe!

Hand between legs- must be a boy!

Kathy said...

awwwwww how cute, and how exciting. Looks like this little one's determined to keep you guessing eh?

maggieb said...

Aw Kel it wont be long 19 weeks will fly in.Hands between the legs can only be a boy as lucylou sadi he he

Rachel said...

I agree gotta be a boy hehe ~wink~ Are we taking bets?!?. Fab scan photos hun, look after yourself and that precious bump xxxx

Jo said...

I can never decipher scan piccies :) pretty awesome to know that it is a real little person though. Lol at the hand in between legs :)

jo xx

Kate said...

Aah fab scan pics , this is my first visit to your blog (blush) I didn't know you were pregnant so belated congrats :-) gonna add you to my links (if that's ok)

BondGirl said...

great scan pics hun, They still amaze me.

What buggy did you go for?

Hmm hands between legs playing with things its got to be a boy!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Kel what a Treasured Sight to Behold!