Sunday, June 03, 2007

Radar Love

Completely didn't have time to blog anything this week, but Tuesday saw the first anniversary of Radar Bun's 'Gotcha Day'. Can you believe he's been with us for a whole year now?! Isn't he a handsome bun? I do love him so much. Beanbean will always be my special girl, but Rade is just so big and soft and docile and a bit dumb sometimes that you just gotta love him! They both seem really happy now they're outside in their new home - even with all the rain we've had and a cracking thunderstorm last week, which probably scared the little bunny pants off them!

So, onto this week's Dare...

This week is was my turn to set the Dare (already?!) and I thought I'd keep it pretty simple but just asking everyone to use some acetate, vellum, plasma or something else at least a bit transparent on their cards. I haven't really ever used acetate much, except form making the odd shaker card way back when, so had fun experimenting.

The card on the right uses Blonde Moments papers for the background (edges inked), with acetate sizzix hearts on bright pink card. Two of the hearts are decorated with wiggly lines using Anita's 3D Gloss. I first used this technique in Kirsty's class at the photography day in February and have been dying to try it again - it really does produce a great effect, although perhaps Diamond Glaze is better as I find the Anita's comes out of the bottle too fast and can make a splodgy mess! The third heart has teeny diamantes all around the edge, although I realise none of this shows up very well in the photo. Finished the card off with some pink grosgrain and a stamped greeting, with hand-drawn borders around the edge of the card and greeting.

This one's a bit pants, but it was just an experiment really. I used some acetate to make the blank, but then thought I'd better add an insert as it's darn near impossible to write on acetate! I stuck a teeny piece of pink BG Blush paper (still inking those edges!) behind a piece of the brown BG Blush paper and used a rub-on for the cake, with a teeny diamante in the flower centre. This was then all stuck onto the insert, behind the acetate. I then put the greeting rub-on onto the front of the acetate. Ta-daa!
I made another card, which I quite like, but have just realised I can't post it, as it's for my daddy's father's day card and he will see it! Duh!
Please take a look at the DCM blog and have a go at the Dare. As ever, the girls have been fantastic and there are some gorgeous cards - plus one from this week's fabulous guest designer, none other than the most talented Ms Wiseman herself!


Kathy said...

luverly cards Kel and by the look of the links list you've inspired loads and loads of people with this challenge!

I've had an idea which might just kill 2 birds with 1 stone..........or not, as the case may be!

Rhi said...

Gorgeous cards Kel, thanks for a fantastic dare :)

Rhi x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Kel, thanks for such a fun dare, it was a great challenge, and a fab excuse to go and buy some acetate ;o)
Love your cards hun, eps the blonde moments one... very cute!

Tassycrafty said...

Lovely card! thanks for the dare! I was lacking inspiration for a few days and your dare set me off!lol!!!I have already made one more but I havent managed to load it up on the net.Now I will be coming back for more challenge!:))

Leigh said...

Both gorgeous cards Kel, love the pink hearts one.