Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jump Around

Here are the Terrible Two enjoying their first foray into the garden this year. We spent a couple of hours outside this afternoon and I think they enjoyed themselves, if the binkying was anything to go by! I love seeing them outside on the grass - they're like different rabbits. I think the reason they don't run and jump in the house is because of the laminate floors - not ideal for them but easier for us to clean, so when they get on the grass they become so sure-footed and tear around like nutters! Radar's ear was straight up and doing its radar thing and Beany was munching on the grass and dandelion leaves like she's never been fed. If the weather forecast is anything to go by, we'll be out again tomorrow!

Monday, April 09, 2007


It's been a funny old day. I've spent much of it packing away my craft stuff and I'm feeling a bit down about it really. We need to have a serious move around ready for the baby, as s/he will be having our current room, we'll be moving into J's room and he'll be moving into my craft room. Unfortunately, I am the Princess of Clutter and Hoarding (the Queen being my mother *wink*) so it's a pretty daunting task. I've got a week off in May when we plan to hire a skip and have a good go at J's room (which is really J's room/ironing piles/junk room) but I am petrified! So, I thought I'd make use of the Bank Holiday to start on my craft stash. I've filled 8 big boxes already and I'm nowhere near finished - eeek! I just don't know what to do with it all. Packing it away seems so final and I'm scared that I'll never do any crafting again, but there just isn't any room to keep it out anywhere. Hmmm.

In other news, I bought the buns a lovely, squooshy new bed to replace the manky, hairy one they sleep in all day. However, they have pointedly ignored it (after trying to dig it and Beany weeing on it) and are back snuggling on the carpet. Bah!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Angel of Mine

Hi honey, I'm home!! Did ya miss me? No? Oh, okay.... I am very sorry if there is anyone out there who has been checking in to see if I've finally updated my blog only to be bitterly disappointed. I have had a very, very good reason...

Ta-daaaa!! See that? That's my baby that is! While away I have been cultivating a real, live baybay in my tummy. Innit amazing? I love this scan even more:

Look at the likkle legs!! I'm really sorry if I'm boring you now, but it's all just so fascinating and I can't believe that it's really happened at last. I am now 16 weeks in and have developed a bump already - eek!! We're due on 24th September. I haven't been sick at all, although I've felt pretty icky, hence the reason I haven't blogged; for some reason, bubs doesn't like me being on the PC for too long! I have hardly done any crafting either - just made a couple of cards when I've needed too, but other than that I just can't get into it. I'm a bit sad really. I hope the mojo returns, although once baby arrives I won't have a craft room as it will be J's bedroom. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with all my stash!

So, now you know. I can't promise to blog regularly from now on as I haven't got too much to say at the moment, apart from baby stuff and I don't want you to doze off through boredom. I'm also pretty whacked and in bed early most nights, although the tiredness is wearing off a bit now and I'm feeling pretty good.

Oh yeah, my other bit of news was that I had a layout published in Scrapbook Inspirations last month! Two of my goals for this year achieved already...